New Buildings Farm Boarding Kennels, Hilderstone, Staffordshire

The Kennels

 All kennels are inside and are fully heated.The kennels exceed the legislation required size for kennels. All The Kennels have a sleeping area and a run area attached which they have 24hr access to.

All dogs are exercised once or twice in the morning and once or twice in the afternoon, both on the lead and around the farm area. They can also go off lead in our secure large grassed play paddock and small yard, where they can spend some quality time with staff members, playing fetch, having a brush or just having a fuss. As well the paddock and the yard their are also eight outdoor roofed runs to provide some extra exercise.

Dogs can be exercised on their own or together in small groups if owners wish, depending on if the dog gets on with the other dogs.



All dogs coming into boarding must be fully vaccinated and their vaccination card must be shown on arrival. Dogs without certificates will be refused entry.


Kennel Cough (Canine Infectious Bronchitis)

The kennel cough vaccine is separate to the normal vaccinations/boosters. All dogs must be vaccinated against kennel cough.

Both vaccinations must be done 10 to 14 days prior to boarding your dog.

Owner Responsibilities:

It is the owners responsibility to inform us of any signs or changes in behaviour which may indicate an impending illness. Also it is important to inform us if your dog has been unwell, as depending on the illness there is a possibility that your dog could contaminate the other boarders. Our commitment is to provide a high level of care, however, we can not guarantee the integrity of our clients, therefore owners board their dogs at their own risk.

Below is a picture of the back/sleeping area of one of the newer painted kennels

What To Bring:

 We do provide plastic beds, and vet bedding or blankets, but feel free to bring you pets own bed/bedding/crate as this may help you dog settle in quicker. You may also wish to bring your dogs favourite toys, chews or treats. We provide stainless steel bowls for food and water.

We advice that owners bring their dogs own normal food to avoid a change in diet, however we do have food available at no extra cost if need be. We also suggest that if owners bring their own food to bring extra just in case your dog needs to stay in longer due to flights etc.

We have a fridge and freezer available for certain foods that need to be kept in them.


You can also have your dog groomed and bathed in our hydrobath to get your dog smelling great before you pick them up. You can also book your dog in for a bath or full groom whenever you like, your pet doesn't need to be in the kennels.


Below is a picture of the front of one of the newer painted kennels