Daily Routine: 


At 6.30/ 7:00am - Wakey Wakey

Dogs are exercised and their kennels are cleaned out, washed and disinfected. Fresh water is given and while their kennels are being cleaned, food is prepared for the dogs that are fed in the morning and given out, any medication is also given. Owners are required to fill in form to inform staff what their dog is fed such as the quantity and when they are fed e.g. AM/PM or both.

Dogs that require clean bedding will be given it, and dirty bedding including their own will be washed. Kennels are also set up for those dogs that will be arriving that day. 

8:00 - 10:30am - these are the morning opening times for the public,

10:30am the kennels close to the public at this time however if customers are running late, admission after this time will be allowed if we are contacted first.

10:30am - 4:00pm - The kennels are closed to the public during this time. This period of time is important for the dogs to settle down and have some quiet time before customers arrive in the afternoon. No admission is allowed in between these times, as this allows the dogs not to keep being disturbed by customers arriving.

3:00pm - Staff arrive back from break and dogs are then let out, any kennels that need cleaning are cleaned. Dogs that are fed and require medication in the afternoon are usually fed around 5ish.

4:00 - 6:00pm These are the afternoon opening times for the public.

6:00pm The kennels close at this time after all dogs have been fed, walked and let out. No admission is allowed after this time.


Any dogs that have checked out, their kennels are thoroughly washed out and disinfected, walls and floors are scrubed and plastic beds, all bedding, bowls and toys are also washed.